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Kristin's Technic of Changing Clothes by Val-Mont

On his website, Valmont characterizes his photos as "sensual images of bewitchingly pretty girls". And I think that is accurate - the girls are pretty and the images capture their natural beauty. But the photos are more than pretty pictures of pretty people. They have personality; they have character. So many of his photos are full of the joy of life. They capture the delight of everyday moments - a girl pausing on her hike to take in a scenic view, a girl changing her skirt in a car before rushing off to meet her friends. These are personal, happy moments, moments that engender happiness in their viewers. They make us smile.

So it is with this photo. Here we have a pretty girl showing off her technique for changing her top without revealing anything essential. Her smile makes clear that she is having fun, teasing her viewers, and maybe just a little excited herself about being in such open surroundings while momentarily bare from the waist up. Her fun is contagious. Her modesty is endearing.

Technically, it is a good photo. I like the composition - the large portrait of the girl paired with the smaller images illustrating the stages of her technique. Also, good setting and lighting and focus.
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